Resonance Allianz can source most of your requirements through our global partners.

It started with the idea of understanding,conditioning and processing client specific requirement(s) by offering optimum solution(s) conforming to their very need(s),
No more no less.

This is done by mobilizing task specific principals and / professionals to Resonate as partners in Allianz (alliance) with client’s specific frequency (needs/ requirements) with no compromise on quality.

We represent several international companies and also have understanding with many to market and sale their products and services. We also team up with local experts as per the need to meet the project requirements.

At Resonance Allianz each team member working on a project is considered as partner.

Professionalism, Sustainability and Quality with zero waste are our codes of business. 


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Oil & Gas
Electrical & Power
Renewable Energy
Education & Research Universities
GIS & Remote Sensing
Process Industries
Biomedical & others